1st activity

Building the Ageing Green Lesson Modules TURKEY

What is new ?​

This handbook covers 2 thematic areas (understanding our environment, conserving the environment, the role of trees in our environment, climate change and expanding learning beyond class rooms) Within each thematic area, there are the lessons designed in ways providing practical exercises, ...

The Spanish version of the 1st module​

Programación del proyecto : “Ageing Green” Una guía para formadores en Educación de Adultos y un manual sobre nuestro medio ambiente.

The German version of the 1st module

Methodischer Leitfaden für Lehrkräfte in der Erwachsenenbildung. Dieser Leitfaden richtet sich an Dozierende, ...

2nd activity

  Making The Recycled Toys

Geri Dönüşümlü Oyuncak Yapımı: Yaşlılar İçin Bir Eğitim Rehberi​

İspanya, Almanya ve Türkiye ortakları, merhaba! Erasmus+ kapsamında Türk Ulusal Ajansı tarafından finanse edilen ve Yaşlanan Yeşil Projesi ...

Fabricación de Juguetes Reciclados: Una Guía de Formación para Personas Mayores

¡Hola, queridos socios de España, Alemania y Turquía! Esta guía, elaborada en colaboración en el marco del Proyecto Green Aging ...

Herstellung von Spielzeug aus recycelten Materialien: Ein Leitfaden für Senioren

Hallo, liebe Partner aus Spanien, Deutschland und der Türkei! Dieser Leitfaden, der im Rahmen des Ageing Green-Projekts ...

3rd activity

International Exhibition

The Final Outcome​

The Recycled Toys Production Handbook​

A Guide to Creating Recycled Toys with Grandparents! This fantastic guide is designed to help you and your grandchildren team up and unleash your inner artists, transforming everyday items into awesome toys. It's a fun way to spend quality time together while teaching valuable lessons about the environment and creativity.